We start when the phone rings, just like a real 911 operator. We’ve created our own set of processes for assessing an organization, all around what we call financial triage.

During these steps, we clarify options. We make decisions. And we execute. It starts with contacting CFO-911.

Initial Screening
We'll assess your situation quickly and provide honest feedback about your concerns and potential problems. 

On Call Assessment
A CFO-911 consultant performs an in-depth assessment of your situation -- through the eyes of a CFO.

Onsite Analysis
If you are in need of temporary, urgent CFO-level relief, we'll know after this step.

Going Live
Resolve the most critical problems you face by hiring a CFO-911 consultant for as long as you need.

Financial Triage

Throughout our process and engagement with our clients, we are constantly assessing the situation and providing options and solutions. By framing our approach around the real-life 911 process, we've become experts at knowing what circumstances matter, the depth of those circumstances, and how they impact the overall health of your organizations. Then, we roll up our sleeves and lead the way.


All CFO-911 consultants have been in the field, whether raising money themselves as a CFO or working in the investment banking industry. And because many of our clients face issues finding capital -- often needing to do so quickly -- it meant that not only do we offer our rolodex of money guys, but we also are constantly working to expand relationships to the investor and funding community.

This networking initiative also expands, of course, to building our CFO-911 consulting database. Fortunately, our business model and scope of service naturally attracts some of the most well-rounded problem solvers in the CFO community.

Flexible Fee Structure

At CFO-911 we believe in providing significant value for our service.  As part of that commitment, we price our work on a flexible fee basis that is agreed to in advance by both CFO-911 and our clients.  We feel it is important for our clients to know up front exactly what their cost is going to be.

Our pricing is customized for each engagement and we base the pricing on the accounting and finance matter, the level of staffing needed and the clients’ requirements.  Most assignments are priced on a monthly basis, with a payment made at the beginning of each month. This monthly fee can be fixed, per diem or hourly rates.  We also use success fees where payment is made based upon specified achieved milestones. For certain engagements, and where appropriate, our fees include equity as part of the overall consideration.

Thus, CFO-911 is flexible in its pricing and we attempt to accommodate the customer as best as possible in each engagement matching the fee structure to the work required and the client’s budget.