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We respond to CFO-level needs for middle market private and small cap public companies.

We take our name to heart and provide this service based on real 911 values and processes. In fact, we believe that we’re financial triage experts, unlike anyone else in the field of service-based solutions. 

For us to respond to client needs appropriately, it was critical that we developed a way to see organizations – any organization -- through the eyes of the CFO. It’s about making an efficient diagnosis and then providing honest, straightforward perspective to our clients. We see the CFO as a person who owns some responsibility for every dollar sign in an organization. Whether approving it, impacting it, or simply making it visible, no other role, sometimes not even the CEO, takes on that responsibility. 

As companies grow or shrink, the CFO’s responsibilities can shift tremendously. So too can those responsibilities shift depending on the size of your organization. For example, in most middle market organizations, the CFO role also includes the COO role, as those two disciplines merge into one. Whereas in smaller organizations, the CFO can play additional roles such as treasurer and controller.  As a result, we must be ready to meet any and all of those needs. 

Most Common CFO-911 Services

CFO-911’s professionals have broad and deep experience in internal operations, accounting and finance functions and in external capital market transactions.  This experience includes companies at every stage of development in a wide variety of industries.  The following generally outlines the capabilities of CFO-911.  The following is not intended to be a comprehensive list but rather a guideline to the depth and breadth of capabilities available to clients of CFO-911.


Chief Financial Officer Services

  • Managing Services, such as: managing and directing the operations, finance and accounting functions of the company.

  • Financing Services, such as: introduction to appropriate resources for accessing capital; senior debt and lines of credit; unsecured and mezzanine debt; public and private equity placements.

  • Financial Advisory Services, such as: strategic planning and analysis; merger and acquisition advisory; valuation analysis.
  • Public Company Services, such as: prepare and file SEC documents to fulfill reporting requirements for public companies; sign and certify financial statements as the CFO on an interim basis; assist and oversee Sarbanes Oxley compliance, including internal control systems and procedures; representation on the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors; preparation of board level financial statement reports and internal control presentations.

  • Investor Relations Services, such as: communication with stockholders, debtholders and other external service providers, including any outside investor or public relations firm.

Controller Services

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  • Design and generate useful financial statements, operational and management reports.
  • Implement and install the most common middle market accounting systems including Microsoft Dynamics SL, Mas 90, Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, NetSuite and QuickBooks.
  • Perform general accounting tasks, including creating general ledger chart of accounts, reconciling bank statements, installing proper accounting controls and procedures and ensuring that major accounts are being recorded appropriately.
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory accounting pronouncements.
  • Train employees on the accounting systems, procedures and practices.

Treasurer Services

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  • Cash Management & Cash Burn Analysis
  • Bank Negotiation and Lending Compliance
  • Budgeting & Forecasting (strategy and implementation)

Other Roles Often Performed by a CFO

  • CEO Services, such as: general management of the overall Company and strategic and competitive planning.
  • CTO/CIO Services, such as: integration with accounting, finance and operations of the Company.
  • General Administration Services, such as: integrating and managing HR, legal, insurance and risk functions of the Company.